Checkpoint: Rainy August Sunday Edition


Waiting for the final match of the Rogers Cup to resume. So in the meantime, I’m watching this awesome Animaniacs Tribute from the Nostalgia Critic.

And while I’m watching that, I’m trying to jot down all my gaming hardware specifications for reference and review purposes. I only have my 2010 PC in there at the moment, but I’m hoping to fill it out as I get out of this lazy rut. (Probably tomorrow)

In gaming related news, I believe I’m almost done Red Faction: Guerrilla. It’s a game that’s always surprising me with its tricks. I love the jetpack. More games need jetpacks.

Rogers Crushes Dreams With New iPhone Pricing Plans

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We were all excited about the prospects of owning an iPhone 3G in Canada. $299.99 for the device itself sounds great, but we all knew it was going to be bound to a contract and a plan? The question was: how much was this plan going to cost?

We finally have answers from Rogers. Dreams officially crushed.

$60 per month for 400 MB of data and 150 anytime minutes? Do not want. Talk about price gouging. Some of us are upset, but some are even more so.

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