LTTP: Odin Sphere

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LTTP or late to the party pieces are opportunities for us to catch up and write about games we missed out on the first time around. They may contain spoilers.

I toiled with VanillaWare’s Odin Sphere quite some time. It’s one of those games which I was skeptical of despite glowing reviews. Let me cut to the chase: Odin Sphere is not a good game. It’s a border line “okay” game with a handful of painful flaws. I picked up the game months after its North American release through a Boxing Day deal, but even then I don’t believe it’s worth the $29.99 CAD price tag. Well enough with the intro; let’s get down to it. Read More

GDC 08: Fable 2 Info and Media

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Peter Molyneux talks a lot. He says lots of nice things and promises many features for his games, but more often than not: he fails to deliver. Or so they say. I personally tuned him out and conciously not get swept away by the hype of any of games. I am trying to create the same kind of scenario I came into Fable with. I knew very little about the game or its promises and I enjoyed it a lot more.

Fable 2 is his latest project and it looks to be very impressive. GameTrailers has some of his demonstrations below which showcase some of the game’s family features and co-op function. An RPG with co-op? Neat. By the looks of it, it appears to be offline co-op. Why else do they need both players to be on the same screen? Anyways, check out the demonstrations below and be sure to wear sunglasses because there’s some ridiculous amount bloom in that game.

There’s also some kind of XBLA game which can earn you Fable 2 money.

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Sega and Bioware Shows Off Sonic RPG

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sonic.jpgSomething about putting the fastest thing alive in one of the slowest genres around, RPGs, doesn’t jive well. Or does it? At this point in Sonic’s career, it may actually be in his best interest to slow down and just appear in a good game.

BioWare and Sega finally released screenshots of their collaborative RPG, Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood.

So far it looks uninteresting, but at least they’ve nailed down the vibrant colors.

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