FYI: StarCraft 2 Launches July 27, 2010 & Black Wii In Stores Soon

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blizzard-logoStarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty has a release date and it’s July 27, 2010. That means I need to get a new PC sooner rather than later. Or maybe not? Who knows? I may just tough it out and play it on my existing rigs. (As you can see, there’s virtually no desire for me to get a new PC at the moment).

I am pondering the notion of a new Wii though; a black Wii to be precise.

Starting May 9, 2010, folks can pick up Wii’s in either superior black or plain white. Both will come bundled with Wii Sports, Wii Sports Resort and a Wii Motion Plus. The price will remain the same at $209.99.

And what do both of these news articles have in common? They’re both going to make a lot of money this year.

StarCraft II Dividing Into Three

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Ya heard? StarCraft II is being divided into three parts. StarCraft II is now a trilogy! This certainly doesn’t sound very Blizzard-like. In fact, it sounds like a move to get the game out faster while milking it for all its worth. Here are the names of the three campaigns:

  1. Terrans: Wings of Liberty
  2. Zerg: Heart of the Swarm
  3. Protoss: Legacy of the Void

We are assured that parts two and three of the trilogy will act like standalone expansions with enough content to justify the cost. They’ve even said that each campaign will be very different from one another.

Sure. I’ll believe it when I see it.

I’m guessing this setup will be similar to the Company of Heroes where you’re given both the Axis and Allies to play with, but only the Allies had a single player campaign. So all the multiplayer fanatics will simply purchase the Terran campaign and be happy with all three races in the box. Cool, hmm?

I wonder how much these expansions are going to cost. I’m assuming the Terrans campaign will serve as the full retail title with a $49.99 CAD price tag to match it. Is it safe to assume the expansions will be $29.99 CAD each? $110 CAD for the entire StarCraft II story? That’s just mean. They know there are folks out there who will fork that amount over.

I’m one of them.

Five C&C: Red Alert 3 Screenshots

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I grew up a Blizzard RTS player. I still am. I wasn’t able to get into any of the Command and Conquers — they never clicked with me. It’s been many years since the original Red Alert and I’ve grown to accept different games now. So I may give EA’s upcoming Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3 a legitimate chance. Or maybe not.

Anyways, enough talk, here are five screenshots from the PC build.

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StarCraft 2 Zerg Trailer Revealed

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Koreans were, once again, the lucky recepients of a new Starcraft II trailer and gameplay demonstration. Below you will find a video recording of the new Zerg trailer which debuted earlier today. The trailer comprised of excellent CG and a fair bit of in-game footage. It’s also being narrated by Kerrigan.

I’m loving the vibrancy and liveliness of the game. The animation is top notch!

 The official website was also updated.

 Update: You can find the direct feed of the trailer on GameTrailers.