Confirmed: Ryan Payton Joined Microsoft Games Studio

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That rumor of Ryan Payton joining Microsoft Games Studio is true.

From MGS to MGS. Phil Spencer, head of Microsoft Games Studios, confirmed to Edge-Online that Ryan Payton has indeed joined his team. He didn’t confirm whether or not he was working on the next Halo game.

Congrats to Microsoft Games Studio for acquiring such talented developers.

Rumor: Ryan Payton Helms New Halo Game

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True? False? I don’t know, but Kotaku and Shacknews seem pretty sure that former Kojima Productions producer, Ryan Payton, is going to be involved with a new Halo game. Not only that, they also believe he’s going to be the creative director of this upcoming title.

Details are unofficial, but apparently this Halo game is the rumored Peter Jackson third person Halo game. Since this is a Microsoft rumor, it’s all, but confirmed.

Ryan Payton Leaves Kojima Productions

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Looks like Ryan Payton will be leaving Kojima Productions and returning home. He cited family reasons as the basis for this tough decision, but he also mentioned MGS5:

It’ll be hard not being involved in MGS5, but I’ve got the utmost confidence that Hideo Kojima, Ken Imaizumi, and our amazing team will put together another blockbuster game. I’ll be cheering from the sidelines.

Here’s to Ryan and his future endeavours. I’m hoping Ryan’s influence on Kojima Productions will carry forward.