FYI: Jet Set Radio, Massive BF3 Patch Coming

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  • Massive Battlefield 3 patch detailed — release date unknown (via Battlefield Blog)
  • Jet Set Radio PSN/XBLA release teased (via Sega Blog)
  • NBA Elite is dead; NBA Live is set to return (via GamaSutra)

The list of changes for that upcoming Battlefield 3 patch is impressive and cannot come soon enough. Balance changes are nice, but I hope they address the numerous bugs and glitches as well.

I played Jet Set Radio quite a bit on my Dreamcast. It was stylish and simple to pick up, but I didn’t like the controls. It didn’t always register my spray paint commands. I blamed the Dreamcast controller and the game back then, but with the PSN/XBLA release, one of those culprits/excuses will be axed –that is if I decide to pick it up.

It’s good to see EA get back into making NBA basketball games after NBA Elite died a horrible death a couple of years ago. I hope the time off yields some amazing results for them because competition is a good thing. We can’t have the NBA 2K series run around uncontested. Having the Madden games rule all of football is enough.

LTTP: Vanquish (PS3)

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LTTP or ‘late to the party’ pieces are opportunities for me to catch up and write about games I missed out on the first time around. They may contain spoilers.

I can see why Vanquish can seem like a very short and boring third person shooter which was why I tried spicing it up from the get go. I also knew this was a Platinum Games joint with the direction of Shinji Mikami and thus I approached it like Bayonetta mixed with third person cover based shootin’. The end result was a whole lot of slow mo shots and explosions while looking bad ass.

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FYI: Game Delays & Cancellations From Japan

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Yakuza: Of the End delayed indefinitely (via AndriaSang)

  • Zombie themed Yakuza game set in a ruined depiction of Tokyo
  • Sega cited delays due to “various circumstances”
  • Nagoshi (creator) said it was delayed due to the post-earthquake state of Japan
Disaster Report 4 cancelled (via: AndriaSang)
  • Disaster theme game was bound for the PlayStation 3
  • Game started out with a major earthquake hitting a city
Japanese release of MotorStorm: Apocalypse delayed (via: AndriaSang)
  • Disaster themed racer exclusive to the PlayStation 3 delayed
Final Fantasy XI and Final Fantasy XIV service suspended (via AndriaSang)
  • Both Square-Enix MMORPGs placed on hold to conserve power for at least a week
Metal Gear Online service suspended (via AndriaSang)
  • Service suspended indefinitely to conserve power

Marvel vs Capcom 3 DLC characters delayed (via Siliconera)

  • Jill Valentine and Shuma Gorath DLC characters were delayed in Japan only

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Yakuza 4 N.A Demo Impressions

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Yakuza 4 - Saejima Kicking Ass

When the Japanese demo of Yakuza 4 was released back in 2010, I navigated my way through the Japanese PSN Store towards the download link. It was an all encompassing demo which gave a sizable sampling of what Yakuza 4 was about.

They separated the demo into “Story Mode” and “4 player battle mode”. Story mode showed off voice work and Sega’s latest cutscene presentation skills. The latter showed off the four protagonists and their fighting styles along with the minor tweaks they made to the fighting system in general. It was still brutal and context sensitive, but I felt it was a bit more polished this time around.

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