The Sims 3: First Details Revealed

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Well it looks like we won’t have to wait for the big reveal on March 19th for some free Sims 3 information. CVG wrote up a brief synopsis of PC Gamer UK magazine has in store for its subscribers which you can read here. Here’s a small quote:

“let Sims wander freely through a town, take in the sights, not be constrained by the prison-like ‘lots’ of old games. He wants to turn the game into an open world, where Sims can stroll, meet their friends, go to work, interact with each other. And piss themselves in the gym. It’s GTA: Pleasantville.”

I am intrigued by its open world nature and how the artificial intelligence will play out.

The Sims 3 Is Coming

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sims3.jpgSurprise! There’s a Sims 3 coming. The only reason why I’m surprised is that it may be competing against Spore. Why would they do such a thing? My guess would be that EA has run out of expansion pack ideas and are looking to repeat the process with new Sims franchise. That’s just me being cynical, but there must be some truth into that. 

There’s not much info to latch onto at the moment since only a teaser site was revealed stating that more info is coming later this month.

I cannot say that I am a fan of this franchise, but I respect it for its easy to pickup sandbox gameplay. Millions of people love the franchise and flock towards its many expansions like flies to fecal matter. I’m looking forward to the info because I’m honestly curious as to what they will change (or not change).

I guess we’re going to find out on the 19th.

Update: Games For Windows April/May magazine has the exclusive first look on the new game.

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