Checkpoint: Battery Powered Edition


This was written during the 27+ hour power outage.

As if a tornado-like wind knocked out the power in my neighborhood. We’re talking residential Ottawa here. Winds like this have no business being here. So what the hell does a gamer do in electricity lacking scenario? Well, first I go out and take a handful of photos of the roof that was torn off and then get reacquainted with some portable fun.

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Space Invaders Extreme Review

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It’s not every month you get classic game revival worth talking about. Then again, it’s not every month that you get something like Taito’s Space Invaders Extreme. The Square Enix owned company has been churning out Space Invaders games for a long time now, but not one managed capture my attention. I know what Space Invaders entails, but it never piqued my interest. With the release of Space Invaders Extreme, they managed to not only grab my attention, but also impress me. The question is: ‘How did they do it?’

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