Phantom Pain aka Metal Gear Solid V Announced

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It’s not officially called Metal Gear Solid V but the evidence is overwhelming. I didn’t catch the unveiling live on the Spike VGAs but after watching the trailer, it’s so obvious that it is Metal Gear related.

No official platforms or release dates have been confirmed but the trailer did mention that it’s being rendered with “current generation equivalent hardware”.

Checkpoint: Spike VGA 2009 Edition


I guess the Spike VGAs aired last night while I was watching Star Trek (excellent movie). Oh well. Not a big loss if the show was anything like the previous efforts. The only thing I really care about are the new teasers, trailers and footage which are all now available online. No need to sit through awkwardness to watch these.

I’ve posted the noteworthy ones for your viewing pleasure.

Batman: Arkham Asylum 2

[gametrailers 59829]

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