Mortal Tekken Smash

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Look at all these trailers. It was like there was a fighting game tournament over the weekend and all these developers decided it was a good time to release more media on upcoming fighters.

EVO 2014 happened but I didn’t watch much of it. I didn’t even bother with the Ultra Street Fighter IV final. I did, however, catch the trailers that were revealed starting with the confirmation of Raiden in Mortal Kombat X.

The Tekken 7 teaser was a big letdown for me. Rumors of Namco Bandai using Unreal Engine 4 piqued my interest and was looking forward to seeing how the latest rendition of Kazuya Mishima looks like.

It’s obvious that Fire Emblem: Awakening made a big splash for Nintendo. Lucina, Robin (both male & female versions) and Chrom were confirmed for Smash Bros. I guess it was tough for Nintendo to choose just one representative from that game.

Mortal Kombat X Raiden

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Super Smash Brothers Brawl Review

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I realize this “review” is late. Part of it is due to laziness, but the other half is wading through the content Super Smash Brothers Brawl offers. The Smash Brothers series isn’t completely foreign to me; I’ve played every single one of them at limited amounts of time. I’ve always given the series respect for being a good party game, but as a fighter not so much. I simply never understood the depth or the intricacies. What makes Brawl so special, though? Is it the copious amounts of Nintendo content? No. I took me awhile to realize it, but like most successful Nintendo games, Super Smash Brothers Brawl is a game with several layers of depth.

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