3D Realms Alive & TvC Coming To The West

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dukenukem3d.pngTwo pieces of good news today.

First, 3D Realms isn’t dead. The Duke Nukem developer lost funding and had to let go the development team behind Duke Nukem Forever which explains all the work being posted by employees. 3D Realms is now a much smaller studio and hopes to continue licensing and co-creating games based on Duke Nukem.  Hopefully, some brave studio will pick up the pieces and continue creating bad ass games with Duke!

Next piece of good news comes courtesy of Nintendo Power and Capcom. Tatsunoko vs Capcom is braving the licensing storm and making its way to the west. Capcom confirmed “Mystery Game #1” via their blog today. There are rumors that this Wii fighter will be boasting new features such as online play and of course Capcom is tight lipped about it.

TGS 08: Trailer and Info Collection – Day Two

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Not a lot of brand new, super fantastic reveals, but a fair bit of impressions and info popped up. If you noticed, there are a lot of fighting game related tidbits below and that’s somewhat on purpose. There was just a lot of talk, info and media of the upcoming fighting games.

As always, more stuff will be tacked on as I find them.

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