L.A Noire PS3 Review

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I initially believed L.A Noire was going to be similar to Ace Attorney Investigations where I collect evidence, interrogate suspects and drill my way to the truth. I was right. I did all those things, but I didn’t expect to enjoy that process more on Capcom’s handheld game. In fact, there was a lot about Team Bondi’s first game which didn’t resonate with me including the open world and the action they brought forth. I wouldn’t call the game a disappointment, but it was lacking in several key areas.

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Rockstar Will Not Publish Team Bondi’s Next Game

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rockstar-logoAfter the IGN story of poor working conditions, the recent news of Team Bondi and Rockstar’s strained relationship wasn’t surprising. The studio head, Brendan McNamara, seemed like a real asshole.

Now I haven’t quite finished my review of L.A Noire, but I’d thought I’d share some of my opinions on this piece of news. I want an L.A Noire sequel or something along those lines. The game had very solid ideas, but was only lacking in execution.

I don’t know who’s going to finance and publish Team Bondi’s next game, but after all the kerfuffle involved with L.A Noire, it’s hard to imagine anyone who would.