Grin Says Goodbye, Outbreak Studios Says Hello

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grin-logoWhen I (and many people who care) think of the developer GRIN, we are reminded of the much beloved Bionic Commando: Rearmed. We don’t like to think about GRIN’s trio of recent “failures”: Bionic Commando, Wanted: Weapons of Fate and Terminator: Salvation.

Perhaps we should have because, as of today, GRIN is no more. The Swedish developer officially shut its doors today citing “an unbearable cashflow situation” as the cause. It’s a tough to keep a company of 200+ afloat without any money.

From GRIN’s ashes comes Outbreak Studios which consists of a small contingent of GRIN employees who will dedicate their efforts towards the downloadable games space.

Our mission is to develop titles for Xbox 360 (XBLA), PS3 (PlayStation Store), Games for Windows Live, PSP Go and iPhone. We also deliver online components for AAA titles, both existing or upcoming.

Good for them. There’s plenty of room for quality downloadable titles like Bionic Commando: Rearmed. I look forward to their future offerings.

Spike VGA 2008’s Trailers

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Update: GameTrailers put up all the goods. Post updated!

I couldn’t stand watching more than 30 minutes of the Spike VGA’s. (It’s embarrassing to watch) Instead, I sat back and waited for trailers to make their way online. Well, 1UP didn’t let me down. They have the trailers, but I must warn you. They’re off screen captures from a standard definition show — quality is pretty damn awful. I’ll replace with superior quality versions as I run into them.

Without further delay, here’s everything I’ve found thus far. (Missing Fight Night Round 4 which I caught before turning off the show.)

Mafia II

[gametrailers 43635]

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Checkpoint: Blu-ray Movie Watching Edition

So I’ve been on quite the movie blitz lately. Correction. I’ve been on quite the Blu-ray movie blitz lately. Since last Saturday I’ve been watching one Blu-ray per day. Here’s the breakdown with ratings. Keep in mind I’ve watched these movies before:

  • Saturday-  Terminator 2: Judgement Day (A -)
  • Sunday- Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (C +)
  • Monday – Spider-man (A )
  • Tuesday – Spider-man 2 (B -)
  • Wednesday – Spider-man 3 (C+)
  • Thursday – Casino Royale (A+)

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