Checkpoint: Listless Gaming Edition

Checkpoint - Listless Gaming Edition

I’ve been quite listless when it comes to gaming lately. The future looks promising and I’ve poured quite a bit into upcoming games but it’s been a bit of a struggle to find something to grab hold of and lose myself to.

It’s a combination of my personal life issues and compelling television shows. My girlfriend and I are struggling to figure out whether we can stand each other’s differing opinions and philosophies in life. I’ve also found myself wanting to watch more television these days. From catching up with Archer, continuing The Wire and losing myself to excitement that is the World Cup.

You can’t fault me for not trying to find a compelling game though. I tried to get into The Last Remnant but the writing and voice acting was enough to deflate my enthusiasm for the title. I decided to throw in Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker from the MGS: HD Collection but I haven’t gone back to it after the slow start. I’ve also started Crashmo and Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask in an attempt to kickstart something.

Alas nothing has grabbed hold for more than three days thus far.

I’m not bored of gaming. Far from it. I continue to look forward to Destiny but this summer lull is hitting me pretty hard.

Checkpoint: Seinfeld Edition

Checkpoint - Seinfeld Edition

I wrapped up the final episode of Seinfeld on Saturday and yet I feel there’s still more to come. I still haven’t accepted that “the show about nothing” has come to an end. How can something come to an end when there was no real story arch to speak of?

Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld kept us entertained without getting caught up with anything serious or profound. The cast of characters were wacky and the writers maintained that level of wackiness remarkably well. You’d think by the half way point, the writers would have done something drastic like give one of the characters a permanent life altering change but they always reseted back to zero.

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