Checkpoint: Became the Batman Edition

I watched Tim Burton’s 1989 classic, Batman, for the first time last night. It was a fun movie. Batman: Returns was my first Batman film and thought going back to the 1989 film was unnecessary. I was wrong. Batman (1989) might be the superior Burton Batman film for Jack Nicholson’s performance but I do love Danny Devito’s disgusting take on Penguin. I’ll have to rewatch Returns for a proper assessment — at this point it may be two decades since I saw that movie.

It’s a flawed movie that violates Batman’s “no killing” code without regard but I when Jack Nicholson’s dancing and prancing like a lunatic, I’m willing to forgive. Jack carried the film and I was pleasantly surprised how well he fit into that role.

With Batman in the brain, I decided to shelve The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt for now and start on Batman: Arkham Knight. I tolerated the framerate issues but when I caught wind of a substantial patch coming, I thought it was a good time to switchover to Arkham Knight.

I’m really enjoying Arkham Knight thus far. It’s a gorgeous game and it also runs very well. The scope is different between the two games but it does make me hope that CD Projekt RED can get its framerate issues in order.



Checkpoint: E3 2015 Edition

E3 2015 doesn’t officially start until Tuesday but the plethora of leaks, the Bethesda E3 presentation later today and the beginning of the E3 2015 pre-order promotion, it felt like the annual trade show already kicked off.

I’ve already pre-ordered a handful of titles including Ratchet & Clank, Street Fighter V, Wolfenstein: The Old Blood and Fire Emblem If. I’m sure I’ll pre-order more but not if they’re exceeding $74.99 MSRP. Even with’s 30% off, it’s a lot of money for titles that could plummet in price within 3 months of release.

I have a free day off so I’m taking Monday off to enjoy the E3 festivities. I’m hoping for some real surprises but I’m not holding my breath. I look forward to footage of announced games and when they’ll finally ship. Titles like Deus Ex: Mankind Divided and Mass Effect 4 are known quantities but I want to see them realized for the latest generation of consoles. I want to see Black Ops III and if DICE’s Battlefront will look as good as the trailers and screenshots they’ve released.

Although a lot was leaked, there’s still a lot to look forward to.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt’s fantastic. I keep chipping away at it and it continues to reward me with amusements. Game of the Year 2015 has an early contender.

Checkpoint: My First Relegation Edition

Newcastle United’s 2-0 victory over West Ham United sealed Hull City’s fate today. Even if Hull City managed to score a late winner, it would have been for naught. All Newcastle United had to do to stay in the Premier League was to win their game. They controlled their fate but I didn’t care for Newcastle and their poor brand of soccer. I was hoping they would be relegated.

So I watch the tiger striped Hull City team go against Manchester United. I wanted to see what kind of effort a lower tiered team would muster to stay in the Premier League.

Newcastle scored in the 54th minute and you could tell the fans at Hull City knew their club were going down. I’m sure the players knew but they continued to hang on for that glimmer of hope that they would breakdown Manchester United’s defence and for West Bromich Albion to tie it up. Then the 84th minute came and Newcastle scored another goal making 2-0.

The players were dejected. It looked like some shed tears. I’ve seen players fall out of the playoffs in North American sports but no one ever looked this disappointed. North American sports players don’t have to face the realities of relegation; they will always get another chance to challenge the top teams without having to go through another entire league.

So I guess this is goodbye to Hull City. Maybe we’ll see them again in the 2016-17 season. Or maybe not.

It’s The Witcher 3. All the time. Every time.

There are boats in the Witcher 3

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I keep forgetting about The Witcher 3 but every so often, Namco Bandai and CD Projeckt Red will release a trailer to remind me that Geralt of Rivia’s adventure is just around the corner.

This franchise has taken a weird path to relevance for me. The first game was a memorable for the wrong (or is it right?) reason. The sequel was a gorgeous successor that left me wanting more. It fixed nearly every issue I had with the original but I felt it rushed the final chapter.

The Witcher III looks like it’s an expanded rendition of The Witcher II and if they maintain the level of quality in an open world, we’re in for a real treat. But I worry because filling out an open world is costly and other titles who’ve travelled this path stretched themselves a bit too thin leaving uninteresting caves and silly collectibles for players.

We won’t have to wait long to see the fruits of their labor. The Witcher III: Wild Hunt debuts  early next year on February 24th for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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