TGS 08 Trailer & Info Collection – Day Zero

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…or should it be called “Day One”? Who cares.

It’s actually tomorrow in Japan and thus some trailers were released along with Microsoft’s keynote which just wrapped up. Here’s what was revealed so far which will be updated as the (North American) day progresses.

Info comes from all over the web with some news from Microsoft’s keynote and other stuff I picked up today.


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Bayonetta and MadWorld Pre-TGS “Trailers”

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Two “trailers” from Platinum Games’ Bayonetta and MadWorld. First, let’s take a look at the Bayonetta trailer since it’s literally the first piece of gameplay footage from this pre-hyped game. (It is being helmed by the creator of Devil May Cry, after all)

[gamevideo 21762 nolink]

Not much to say about it. It looks like it has a pretty good engine running

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