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Valkyria Chronicles

Re: DRIVECLUB PS+ Edition Delay

Shuhei Yoshida officially delayed the DRIVECLUB PS+ Edition until further notice.

It’s understandable considering the networking side of the game has been a complete non-starter due to code issues. It’s been three weeks and if the tentpole feature of the game isn’t ready to go for paying customers, it makes sense to delay the freebie version.

I’m okay with the delay but I’m also someone who wasn’t waiting for DRIVECLUB to arrive in the first place. Some believe they’re owed this piece of shareware and claim their PlayStation Plus memberships were purchased because of it. It sounds ludicrous but I hope they learn their lesson: Never pay for potential unless you can exercise patience when something goes awry.

Re: Valkyria Chronicles coming to PC

Valkyria Chronicles was a fantastic PS3 title and now I can relive it with all the DLC that I never bought for $20? Sounds like quite the deal. I just need folks to confirm that it is a good PC port. If it is is, I’ll pick it up for $10 or so.

Now we just need Vanquish to make its way to PC. It deserves the 60 FPS treatment.

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ASUS RT-N66U First Impressions

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My ASUS RT-N66U arrived from yesterday. I installed Tomato (Shibby) on it and have it up and running.

The build quality helps justify the $150 price tag. It has heft and a solid feel unlike any router I’ve ever owned. It even has a power button and a stand which may seem like odd things to highlight but these are the kinds of features that I expect from a router this pricey.

Initial performance impressions are positive but it did not quite achieve the level of exterior wall performance I was hoping for. The 5 GHz antenna on my E4200 was good. It was able to reach all the way from the top floor to the basement with a reasonable signal. The RT-N66U signal, however, is excellent no matter where I am.

The WDS performance is better but it’s not a night and day difference. The signal strength and quality seems to be more stable than with the E4200 I previously used though. Stability with reasonable throughput (10+ Mbps) is the goal here and so far this RT-N66U is delivering on that front. I’ll check in after some days have passed. Hopefully the link stays up.

Random Wi-Fi Notes

wi-fi-logoHere are some random wireless tips and tricks that I discovered/learned. I picked these up while trying to tweak and improve my own Wireless Ethernet Bridge’s performance on my E4200 router running Tomato firmware.

  1. ‘Singapore’ region unlocks channels 1 – 13 plus raises the transmit power limit of the wireless transmitters.
  2. ‘Japan’ region enables channel 14 but it actually does cap transmission speed to 802.11b speeds (11 Mbps)
  3. Some wireless clients like the iPhone 4S support channel 13 without region changes while others like the PlayStation 3 will not pick it up at all.
  4. Higher transmit power does not always offer better range or performance.
  5. 802.11n speeds require at least WPA2 Personal + AES

That’s all for now.

WDS Status Report

I’m going to keep a log of all the little changes and tweaks I do to this wireless distribution system setup.

Sep. 11, 2012

The WDS experiment is over. I called it quits after two noted instances of inexplicable drops in wireless performance. I’m experiencing the same “wireless pit of despair” as described by others.

My final WDS router settings were as follows:

  • Channel 6
  • Channel Width: 20 MHz
  • 2.4 GHz band
  • WPA Personal + AES encryption
  • Spanning Tree Protocol disabled
  • Wireless Transmit Power of 64 mW
  • Routing Mode: Router
  • Use user-entered gateway if WAN is disabled: On
Like the fellow from “OldSpeak”, I’m converting over to WET or Wireless EThernet bridging. I’m using the same settings as above and it’s been working well thus far. Hopefully it lasts for more than a few days.

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