E3 2008: Sony Press Conference Summary

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Sony’s press conference was a stark contrast to Nintendo’s, but unlike Microsoft’s it lacked the ‘megaton’ and highlight point which would send fanboys into a frenzy.

It was easier to watch thanks to the lack of embarassing casual gaming demonstrations. Regardless, they didn’t showcase anything too grand to make it worth watching live. Thus, if you missed the live showing, here’s the breakdown

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Top Gear U.S.A. – Coming Soon

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Oh Top Gear… It’s probably the only live action show I watch regularly these days. I enjoy the hosts, the cars, and the way they execute everything for the show.

A U.S version of Top Gear is set to air on NBC with brand new set of hosts. While I am pleased to hear that the show is coming over to U.S. shores — it will not be the same. American audiences are too easily offended; too fearful of light hearted racial or cultural remarks. I will give it a chance once the show airs, but I doubt it will even come close to the awesomeness of the U.K. original.

Crud, I hope it’s the U.K. version of Top Gear available in GT5 for North America.