Transistor PS4 Review

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Supergiant Games’ Bastion was a favorite of mine in 2012. I loved the art, music and integration of a narrator/commentator; It was a fantastic mix of style and substance. I was equally impressed by Bastion’s action and mechanics which invited comparisons to titles from the 16-bit era. After Bastion, I was ready to give whatever Supergiant Games’ next game a chance.

The developers said we were going to notice that Transistor was obviously made by the same people who made Bastion, however it was going to be a different style of game. It turns out Transistor was an action role playing game.

I approached the game like I did with Fallout 3; I could play it as an action game but I was better served freezing time and issuing commands through Transistor’s “V.A.T.S” equivalent, Turn(). Attacking enemies in realtime was an ill advised move because enemies were often faster than Red. I executed a series of actions and then had Red run around waiting for Turn() energy to recharge.

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Checkpoint: Year 2015 Edition

2015. It’s just like any other year except now I have more things to watch around the New Year festivities including Premier League and La Liga soccer. NBA has fallen off the wayside for me. I used to watch the Christmas Day matches and some of the New Year ones but now it may just be late playoff rounds.

This weekend is all about La Liga soccer and NFL wildcard playoff which have been entertaining despite the predictable outcomes. For Sunday’s match ups, I predict a Bengals victory and a Dallas victory but I won’t be disappointed if I’m completely wrong.

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