Checkpoint: La Duodecima Edition

Real Madrid have twelve UEFA Champions League trophies and are the first team to ever win it back-to-back. They’re not the prettiest side to watch but they just get things done when it counts and Saturday’s final was no different. Ronaldo produced quality goals and the rest of the team just came together to finish off a Juventus side that I thought were too much for Spain’s number one club. 

Will Real Madrid be able to win it thrice in a row? They still have a strong midfield presence but the depth of their attacking side was a key to their success in both their domestic and European commitments. Having James Rodriguez step off your bench is a luxury that they will likely not have next season. 

Nothing has really changed in the gaming front. I’m collecting Overwatch loot boxes when I can and keep wanting to play Nier: Automata. With the girlfriend being busy until next Tuesday, I may be able to squeeze in more quality gaming time.

Checkpoint: Top of the Game Edition

The UEFA Champions League final between Juventus and FC Barcelona was a great one. I was predicting a Barcelona win but I didn’t know if Juventus were going to make a match out of it. Were Barcelona’s front three going to run circles around Juventus’ defense? Would Juventus’ midfield maintain order? Thankfully Juve stepped up and made a game of it; even going down 1-0 early on didn’t dampen their spirits. It was a very enjoyable final and more so because I’m actually familiar with the teams. I actually accidentally stumbled across the Borussia Dortmund vs Bayern Munich a couple years ago. I watched it but didn’t have any vested interest in the sport at the time.

An hour after the Champions League final, the FIFA Women’s World Cup kicked off in Edmonton and I watched Canada take on China. It was an awful game. Both teams were making mistakes left and right, the Chinese were parking their defense and Canada had no answer. The only way Canada eked out a win was when China’s defense gifted them that silly foul in the penalty box.

I never watched the women’s game before. I’ve watched men’s lower division play in the form of NASL and MLS which was different compared to the top european leagues but the game remained intact. I didn’t expect a quick pace or a lot of physicality between players but I was expecting crisp decisive passes. The Canada vs China game showed glimpses high level play but it didn’t fill me with the desire to watch more. When the most confident looking players on the field were the goal keepers, it doesn’t make for attractive game.

Despite the terrible match, I didn’t give up on it on the Women’s World Cup and decided to watch the Netherlands take on New Zealand. That was a solid match which showcased what I was expecting. By default, I should be rooting for Canada but I think I’m going to back the Orange Lionesses.

I’m looking forward to seeing the top ranked German squad in action later today. They’re pitted against the lowest ranked team in the competition this year, the Ivory Coast. So this should be something.

I’m still playing The Witcher 3 and FIFA 15. I don’t see that changing next week.