Uncharted 2 Teaser

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Update: Oh snap! GameInformer will have the world exclusive feature in their next issue. The sequel will be called Uncharted: Among Thieves.

How can you get me to watch the SpikeTV VGAs? Show me this:

[gametrailers 43231 nolink]

Uncharted 2 world premiere?! I’ll be there! Or I could patiently wait for the trailer to hit the web so I don’t have to put up with embarrassing B-list actors pretending they care about video games.

GC 2008: Sony Hardware Announcements

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Unlike Microsoft and Nintendo, who chose not to go up on stage to sing and dance, Sony put on somewhat of an interesting press conference which included games and a fair bit of hardware announcements. And since anything SCEE said at Leipzig pertained to Europe alone, SCEA put up a blog post detailing the North American version.

Here’s the breakdown:

PlayStation 3 with 160 GB Hard Drive

  • November for $499.99  USD/CAD
  • Comes with Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune
  • DualShock 3
  • Voucher for PSN game PAIN

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More Game Movies, More Sequel News and Another 360 Revision

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Gears of War 2 Unofficial LogoGame movies rarely work. I don’t know why Hollywood bothers bringing interactive experiences into the passive medium. I just don’t know.

The latest “victim” of this risky conversion is BioShock which will turn last year’s awesome game into a feature film with Gore Verbinski at the helm. Universal Studios is funding the project. I’m curious how it’ll turn out, but I don’t have high hopes. Uncharted, another 2007 game, is rumored to be optioned for movie adaptation. I’m more optimistic for this game-to-movie conversion since it was heavily influenced by movies like Indiana Jones already; it’s just coming full circle back to film.

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Things That Make Home Really, Really Cool

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pshomelogo.jpgKotaku wrote up three pieces in relation to what Sony is bringing to Home with regards its own published games. Uncharted, Warhawk and Resistance will all have Home spaces ranging from game themed spaces to minigames.

I’m most excited for the Uncharted 2-D sidescroller game. It has potential. I think…

I’m just glad this is all going to be free.

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