Valve’s Steam OS Announced

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Valve announced their very own Linux distribution today. Steam OS will be geared for living room machines and offer the following:

  • Improved audio and graphics performance
  • Reduced latency
  • Home streaming solution for games not compatible with Linux
  • Media streaming

Of course, as with all Linux distributions, this will be free.

Will this succeed? I hope so but I have many, many doubts which I will keep to myself for now. Valve still has a couple of Steam related announcements to unveil. I suspect one will be hardware related.

Steam’s Big Picture mode starts soon

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steam_logoValve talked about this feature a year or so ago — a couch friendly mode for Steam’s interface. They went quiet and are not ready to start open beta testing of the controller enabled interface.

They even threw up a webpage detailing the upcoming interface.

The interface is just as I imagined it would be; big icons and some kind of carousal library. The web browser though, that’s unexpected. I’m very curious how this “first person web browser” feels and that “Daisywheel” typing interface is interesting as well.

The open beta should be available any minute now.

Checkpoint: Steam Summer Sale 2012 Edition


This year’s Steam Summer Sale started a bit late. It had people worried but for the next week or so, folks will be far too busy refreshing Steam on a daily basis and then some.

Valve introduced 8 hour Flash Sales and Community Choice sales that have people checking the site more than once per day for new deals and new opportunities to give them more money. I’ve visited multiple times in hopes of something new and exciting but I only came away with: 1) Trine 2 and 2) the Alan Wake Collection.

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Don’t Fret: Steam Summer Sale Still Coming

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steam_logoCould you imagine a year without Steam’s summer sale?

Me either. But some people are doubting its eventual arrival which probably prompted a Valve employee to reassure everyone that it’s still happening.

Valve usually holds their sale during the last week of June or the first week of July but when those dates came and went, people started to panic a bit.

I’m not worried though. I didn’t buy much during last year’s sale and all I really want this year is Rayman: Origins for $7.49 or less. My back log doesn’t need anymore games.

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