Meet the Pyro & The Filmmaker

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Finally! We get to “Meet the Pyro”. It’s a good thing these shorts weren’t meant to showcase how these classes are to be played because they sure took their sweet time releasing these.

As always these animated shorts are humorous with a hint of disturbance — all these classes seem a little crazy. None of them are as crazy as the Pyro though.

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Checkpoint: 2011’s Regrettable Purchases Edition


I no longer buy Ubisoft games on day one and I’ve become weary of purchasing EA games as well. But now I may have another company to add to the list: Valve.

Valve burned me with Portal 2 — they actually burned me twice because I bought a copy for my brother. Watching the price drop below $50 within the first week was ok, but watching it plummet all the way down to less than $11 because of a Steam sale is disheartening.

Just last week I could have purchased, enjoyed Portal 2 and still have enough time to consider it for game of the year.

Consider it a lesson learned.

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