Max Payne 3 & Portal 2 Delayed

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E3 2010 is fast approaching.

While we’ve been seeing game announcements (such as Infamous 2) being made early, publishers have also decided to announce game delays. Today, we have two delays.

Take-Two is delaying Max Payne 3 (PC, 360 PS3) until sometime after November 2010 while Valve shuffled Portal 2 into sometime in 2011. However, seeing how it’s Valve and Portal, there was a cute little press release associated with their announcement.


June 9, 2010 — Aperture Science, doing business as Aperture Laboratories LLC, in partnership with Valve today announced the successful completion of an ethics-review-panel-supervised release date restructuring process. Portal 2, the sequel to the ground-breaking title that earned over 30 Game of the Year awards despite missing its original ship date, is now targeted for a 2011 release.

Representatives from both companies acknowledged that public safety concerns factored into the decision. They went on to say that even though Portal 2 will arrive slightly later than planned, all life on earth won’t instantaneously stop as every molecule in your body explodes at the speed of light, which is what would happen should a rip ever appear in the fabric of Valve Time.

“Also, the game will be even better,” they added, missing an historic opportunity to create the first product delay press release to mention that a product is being delayed to make it worse.

To ask questions about how close we all came to dying, or to ask futile questions about the previously announced E3 ***PORTAL-2-THEMED-FOR-GOD’S SAKE*** surprise or, less futilely, to schedule an appointment to attend a Portal 2 screening at the Valve booth during E3, please contact Valve’s delegate to the EU’s Valve Time Studies Group, Doug Lombardi.

Needless to say, I’m looking forward to both of these titles. Whenever they show up.

FYI Tuesdays: More TF2 Updates, SC2 Status

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Scout Class Update Coming To Team Fortress 2

The Team Fortress 2 updates continue to roll and I continue not to check them out. The next update is for the Scout which Valve will be detailing over the coming days. They’ve created a site dedicated to the Scout’s upcoming changes.

StarCraft 2 Status Update

I am sure we are all curious about Blizzard and their progress with StarCraft 2. Fortunately, they’ve updated their blog with a handful of Q&A’s concerning the beta, the release date and the next battle report. They wrapped up with the following: “Hang in there. We’re in the final stretch”.

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TF2 Engineer Update Up & Scout Update Coming

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An update to the game I would love to play, but never have time for was released two days ago! This comes as a small surprise after they said that there was a possibility of “no more updates for 2008“. There were changes to the Engineer class and a slew of other gameplay and engine tweaks. You can read the changelog here

According to their blog, the Scout will next class to receive an update. They’re once again seeking advice on what the community wants improved and/or changed. So if you’re still playing TF2 regularly and have a few ideas for the Scout, give them a holler.

Other interesting tidbits from Valve include a mentioning of the Xbox 360 TF2 update – a massive one which will include practically everything the PC version received. Nice of Valve to do this, but is this a worthwhile endeavour? Do people still play TF2 for the Xbox 360?

Oh, and no mention of pricing or a PS3 update. No surprise on the latter.

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