Warhammer 40K – Dawn of War II CES 2009 Walkthrough

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I’m not a Warhammer 40K buff, but I know what is. Most importantly, I know who is developing Dawn of War II — Relic Entertainment. For me, these guys put themselves on the map with Company of Heroes and with accomplishment alone, I am automatically intrigued by Dawn of War II.

Below you’ll find a multiplayer walkthrough from CES 2009:

Now the question for me is: “Am I willing to upgrade my PC for Dawn of War II?”

Dawn of War II Space Marine Walkthrough

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A walkthrough demonstration of Relic Entertainment’s Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War II was posted earlier. I watched it and guess what? It looks pretty damn awesome. Just like how Company of Heroes borrowed from Dawn of War, it looks like Dawn of War II is returning the favor. Of course there’s a lot of new content and abilities as well. Just watch.

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