There are over 30 access points around my house

wi-fi-logoThe other day, I discovered I had over 30 access points on the 2.4GHz wireless band. This is ridiculous! The wireless interference was wreaking havoc on my WDS network. It eventually ground my WDS to a halt.

I am thankful for this snafu though. It forced me to re-engineer my WDS and now it performs at thrice the speed.

I just hope it is able to stay alive with all these wireless access points everywhere. If not, expect a rant about why everyone should keep their wireless tendrils to themselves.

The Results of the Second WDS Attempt

I completely forgot about following up on the progress of my wireless bridging solution.

First a little recap of the inter-site wireless journey I went down. The first WDS attempt was a failure. Then I decided to try the wireless ethernet bridge but sidelined that idea after repeated router failures. I then decided to acquire new hardware and retry the WDS.

As I noted back in October, the second attempt was accompanied by a new router, the ASUS RT-N66U. With the new router’s wireless signal strength, I’m now able to establish and maintain the WDS without any issues.

Here are the settings that I employed on both the ASUS RT-N66U and Linksys E4200 v1 routers:

  • Channel 13
  • Channel Width: 20 MHz
  • 2.4 GHz band
  • WPA2 Personal + AES encryption
  • Spanning Tree Protocol enabled
  • Routing Mode: Router
  • Use user-entered gateway if WAN is disabled: On

Up next? Guest wireless networks.

ASUS RT-N66U First Impressions

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My ASUS RT-N66U arrived from yesterday. I installed Tomato (Shibby) on it and have it up and running.

The build quality helps justify the $150 price tag. It has heft and a solid feel unlike any router I’ve ever owned. It even has a power button and a stand which may seem like odd things to highlight but these are the kinds of features that I expect from a router this pricey.

Initial performance impressions are positive but it did not quite achieve the level of exterior wall performance I was hoping for. The 5 GHz antenna on my E4200 was good. It was able to reach all the way from the top floor to the basement with a reasonable signal. The RT-N66U signal, however, is excellent no matter where I am.

The WDS performance is better but it’s not a night and day difference. The signal strength and quality seems to be more stable than with the E4200 I previously used though. Stability with reasonable throughput (10+ Mbps) is the goal here and so far this RT-N66U is delivering on that front. I’ll check in after some days have passed. Hopefully the link stays up.

Checkpoint: Turkey Day 2012 Edition


It’s Turkey Day and there’s a turkey in the oven. We didn’t plan on it; it sorta just happened.

Extra long weekend isn’t yielding extra play time. It did yield some additional movie time which enabled me to knock off a viewing of Training Day and a rewatch of Total Recall (1990). I enjoyed both.

But you know what I’m not enjoying? This flaky Wireless Ethernet Bridge setup that I have going. The router serving as the bridge stops accepting wireless clients after awhile. The bridge on the 2.4 GHz network still works but the 5 GHz network stops for no reason. And on top of that, the router’s website becomes inaccessible too.

What’s the answer? Another attempt at the WDS but this time it’s just a WDS and not WDS+AP. I’m hoping the ASUS RT-N66U that I purchased works with the Linksys E4200.

Enjoy the grub, folks.

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