Goodbye PMS. Hello PMS.

plexWhat am I talking about here?

I’ve retired PS3 Media Server and changed over to Plex Media Server. I’ve heard of Plex before but I always thought it was just a front end application like XBMC. I looked for alternatives to PS3 Media Server but I only found Serviio which is another Java based media server. It’s a good thing I conducted another search a few weeks ago.

Major Plusses

I’ve been trying to move from a Java based media server in order reduce memory usage and having to provide upkeep on Java itself. Plex doesn’t require Java and consumes very  little memory.

Plex is also incredibly flexible with its viewing clients including web browsers, iOS apps and DLNA clients. I don’t eve need the iOS app; I can stream by hitting the webpage via Safari. There’s one more trick up Plex’s sleeve which I have yet to try out: myPlex. If/when I sign up for it, I will be able to stream my videos from anywhere in the world.

A Minor Shortcoming

The only shortcoming worth mentioning thus far is the inability to install Plex Media Server as a Windows service. There is a workaround developed by a Plex forum user but I would like to see the developers include a native option.

So Far So Good

The next step is to try myPlex and maybe even get a copy of the iOS app. I’m also toying with the idea of getting a Plex compatible streaming client. Maybe this Roku 3?

The New Google Chrome 3.0 Beta

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google-logoThere’s a new Google Chrome beta out! No, Extensions aren’t included yet, but there are a whole host of improvements for version 3.0 beta!

  • Customizable New Tab page
  • Theme support
  • Tweaked OmniBox
  • Speed improvements
  • Additional HTML 5 support

I’m loving all these tiny improvements which Google have been making to Chrome — especially when you consider the fact that its still sleek and simple to use. Much kudos to them.

Checkpoint: Application Selection Edition


Media players, image viewers web browsers and other applications on my computer are subjected to review every so often. Given the growing nature of technology, yesterday’s greats can easily be overshadowed by their competition. I’ve been pondering over some of my applications for the past few weeks and here are my current applications of choice.

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Quake Live Beta Now Public. Q3 Coming to iPhone

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Remember that Quake Live beta which I tried out last week? It’s now available for public consumption. It’s still in beta form, but you can all try it for yourselves now. Let me know how you like it. What do you have to lose except for the 20 minutes required to set all that up?

In addition to this beta news, it looks like Quake 3 will be ported to iPhone as well. Sounds like a terrible idea to me.

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