Quake Live Beta Impressions

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Quake Live is essentially a revised version of Quake III built for the web browser. The idea behind this free to play first person shooter is to provide a quick to pick up and play game which gamers could access via a web browser. I signed up for the beta a few months ago and was recently accepted. While it sounds great on paper, there are some caveats worth noting.

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PS3 Firmware 2.5 Now Live

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That 2.5 firmware I spoke of is now live. You can check out some of the features included in this update in that post. So after that 7 hour maintenance today, we get to see the fruits of Sony’s labor.

Oh, and SCEA forgot to mention that firmware 2.5 also updated the Flash player to version 9 and thus enables the web browser to display the latest Flash content with less fuss! Hurrah!

Google’s Web Browser: Chrome

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I like Google. Their friendly approach to taking over the world is refreshing and welcomed. It seems like almost anything they touch becomes great. Their latest target, the web browser, hopes to take the best of every major browser out there and combine it into Chrome. And it’s all open source.

Sounds interesting, but which browser is Google going up against? Is it IE? FireFox? Opera or Safari? Perhaps everyone? Well, the CEO of Mozilla has an idea. However, whatever happens, I’ll be keeping tabs on it.

You can download the beta here.

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