HP TouchPad 32GB Impressions

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hp-logoMy brother ordered a HP TouchPad 32GB for $149.99 off HP.ca last month. We had to wait a bit, but it finally arrived on Tuesday.

Obviously for $149.99, it’s not a bad tablet. It has its share of issues (that I’ll get into later), but the bottom line is that I wouldn’t have any regrets if I purchased one for myself.

Where did they hide the speed?

There’s a 1.2 GHz dual core CPU and 1GB of RAM in this tablet, but you wouldn’t know that from using it. Everything is slow. From the UI transitions, to the loading and even the response when typing. WebOS’ performance is spotty at best and terrible at its worst.

We had to tweak it and overclock it just to get it to a respectable level. If only there’s more we can do to get it iOS speeds.

Browsing is respectable

The web browser reminds me of a desktop browser which is the best compliment you can give a “mobile” device. I’m not directed to mobile sites and Flash works. In fact, it works surprisingly well on sites like YouTube. 720p video actually runs smoothly on the TouchPad unlike with that Dell Mini 9 netbook that I had.

The downsides? Performance and an overly aggressive cache system which requires me to manually refresh pages to get the latest site.

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Exciting Times in the Mobile OS World

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hp-logoFirst Google buys Motorola for its patents (along with other things as Tested pointed out) and today HP announced they’re already giving up on WebOS devices.

HP bought Palm and WebOS in 2010 for $1.2 billion. A year and a handful of months later, HP announced they’re discontinuing WebOS devices. Folks thought HP would have the patience with WebOS and the HP Touch Pad, but it turns out they did not.

They couldn’t even wait more two months!

They released the 16GB and 32GB HP TouchPad on July 15th, and the 64GB version yesterday for Europeans. Bananas to think they went from “we’re getting into the tablet and mobile business” to “we’re considering exiting the consumer computing business altogether”.

Poor HP.

I don’t care about HP’s computing products. I owned one of their HP Compaq laptops in college and wasn’t impressed with its longevity. I do appreciate their other products like their LaserJet printers and NAS products. But to be perfectly honest, if they stopped producing those two product lines tomorrow, I wouldn’t lose any sleep over it.