Nintendo finally rolling out Wii U ads

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A co-worker asked me about cheap Wii games the other day. I told them that most games should be really cheap soon with the introduction of the Wii U. His response?

“What’s a Wii U?”

I then proceeded to tell him it was Nintendo’s upcoming console. I then realized Nintendo didn’t roll out any ads yet and was wondering when they were going to do so.

Apparently the day is now:

A family oriented ad? it doesn’t even emphasize the fact that it’s a new console and not just a Wii accessory. They did show the console itself at the end but not everyone will realize that it’s actually new hardware.

The new controller is the key differentiator but I hope their next ads showcase more of the console’s high definition capabilities as well. I also hope the upcoming ads show the controller in a more flattering light. It really does look like a kid’s toy with that huge bezel.

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