iOS 8 & OS X Yosemite Bring Continuity

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apple-logo.pngOf all the features announced during today’s WWDC event, the iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite “Continuity” features were easily the most impressive to me. It’s such a small detail but the ability to answer phone calls and non-iMessage texts on my iPad and Macbook Air is an absolute game changer for me.

It makes sense.

When I get home, it’s iPad time. I leave my iPhone charging by my bed and carry the iPad around with me for web browsing purposes. Why browse on a tiny screen when I have an iPad? And whenever I want to do some word processing (like right now), I put down the iPad and pick up my Macbook Air. It’s great to know that with iOS 8 and Yosemite, I don’t have to worry about missing a phone call or text message from non-iPhone users.

OS X Yosemite will also bring other noteworthy features like a new look, refined Safari and a more useful Notification Center. iOS 8 already had its facelift so most of its new changes were functionality oriented. I look forward to trying out the new keyboard and I’m glad to see TouchID receive third party support. Now I just need TouchID capable devices.

It’s going to be some time before we see these new features in production ready states. Apple is saying Fall 2014 but I cannot wait so I’ve thrown my name into Yosemite beta program. Let’s just hope it isn’t a complete disaster in its beta state.

WWDC 2013 Impressions

apple-logo.pngIn the middle of the E3 hubbub was Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference and in it were a number of notable announcements. Here are my initial gut reactions to those announcements.

Mac OS X “Mavericks”

It was only a matter of time before Apple moved away from big cats and onto something else. Names are names and I can live with whatever Apple comes up with.

I was impressed with two specific features of “Mavericks”:

There are interesting features tags and the new calendar as well but those aren’t items that I will be using on a daily basis. I sincerely hope the power efficiency improvements will be noticeable on my Macbook Air.

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Apple WWDC 2012 Impressions

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apple-logo.pngThis year’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference yielded so many news items that I dreaded writing up a round-up post of it. So instead I’ll send you over to Tested’s round up of Mountain Lion & iOS 6 and Apple’s own website for the new MacBook Pro.

MacBook Pro w/ Retina Display

A new line of Macbook Pros — both classic and Retina enabled — got the party started. The specifications are incredible. It’s as I envisioned it would be — a pure flash experience packed with the latest I/O ports and a kick ass display. I didn’t expect Apple to only debut a 15″ version though. It makes sense considering the potential manufacturing constraints of a the new screen and thin profile, but I would have liked to have seen a cheaper 13″ version. Perhaps next year?

The starting $2229 CAD price tag is hefty. Is it unreasonable? Perhaps not. Not when I examine the tech and craftsmanship crammed into that unibody.

Mountain Lion

$19.99 to upgrade all the Macs in my home? At what point do you give us these things for free, Apple?

iOS 6

Selfishly I only really care about Siri for iPad, the new Maps app and a handful of other features that they went over. I’m a fan of Siri — even if when she fumbles things up. So to see Siri integrated with sports and deeper into iOS guts pleases me.

Apple’s Maps application seems very complete for their first iteration. They finally included turn-by-turn navigation and even got Siri in there as well. I hope it all works as advertised because Google needs that kind of competition. After all, their maps have fallen behind in quality compared to other solutions like Bing Maps. But what can Bing Maps do to Google Maps? It takes someone like Apple to smack the search giant into action.