LTTP: Beyond Good & Evil HD


LTTP or ‘late to the party’ pieces are opportunities for me to catch up and write about games I missed out on the first time around. They may contain spoilers.

I didn’t get the fervour around the Beyond Good & Evil 2 teaser. What was the significance of that pig? I’ve heard the title “Beyond Good & Evil” before and I knew it was a PlayStation 2 era title. I also recognize that it was a cult classic but it’s one of the rare titles that I drew a blank on; I had no idea what it was about and kept it that way. For whatever reason, I trusted the opinions of the masses.

I figured Beyond Good & Evil HD was the ideal way to check out the cult classic. I picked it up when it was discounted a few years ago but I sat on it for years. Now as the sixth console generation winds down, I decided to clear out the digital back log and finally play it.

I’m not sure why I waited so long because Beyond Good & Evil is fantastic. It was a pleasant surprise and I’m ashamed for sitting on it for so long. Thankfully the game held up so well, waiting an extra year or so didn’t hurt it one bit.

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LTTP: Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet


I actually forgot to write up my thoughts and impressions for this Xbox Live! Arcade title. I finished it just before Mass Effect 3 had arrived and completely forgot about it once I embarked on my journey to save the galaxy. I guess it’s a testament of how memorable of an experience Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet was.

I picked up this title after hearing favorable impressions of it from the Giantbomb crew. Hearing it described as Metroidvania game with the aesthetic of reminiscent of Limbo was enough for me to pull the trigger on it. Unfortunately no one mentioned it was an uneventful adventure.

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