Nokia Lumia 820 & Lumia 920 Unveiled

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Nokia and Microsoft’s newest Windows Phone 8 handsets were unveiled today. The Lumia 920 is the flagship phone while the 820 takes on the more affordable role. How affordable? They didn’t say. In fact they didn’t reveal much info with regards to release date, carriers or pricing.

If you’re looking for the cold hard facts, AnandTech has you covered. For hands-on videos, images and the like, try The Verge and Engadget.


The Lumia 920 sports a massive 4.5″ 1280 x 768 display which I’m not too fond of. I am fond of their other features like the wireless charging (on a snazzy yellow pillow!) and their 8.7 MP “Pureview” camera though. It’s also ridiculously pretty.


The Lumia 820 is a bit more tame by comparison. In fact, the specifications are more akin to the Lumia 900. I’m okay with the smaller 4.3″ display. The resolution could be a bit higher than 800 x 480 but it’s not something I’ll lose sleep over if I decide to pick one up.

Yes. I’m talking about picking up a Nokia Lumia again. Will see if that pans out but without pricing and the iPhone 5 right around the corner, making any proclamations right now would be dumb of me.

Hey guys, Windows 8 won’t ruin your life…

windows-8-logoBut it won’t necessarily revolutionize it either.

Many folks are proclaiming Windows 8 to be the next Windows Vista and are utilizing developer comments as a source of ammunition. Well at least some are. Most of the comments I’ve read is just FUD.

Windows Store

Game developers haven’t explicitly stated why they’re panning Windows 8 but it’s safe to look at the Windows Store as the source for worry. They see it as potential threat to their own stores because Microsoft has included it on the operating system level.

I think it’s a little late to worry about the Windows Store toppling the likes of Steam. It’s not going to happen unless Microsoft somehow gets away with forcibly locking out “unauthorized applications”. Apple’s Mac OS X Mountain Lion gives the user the “Gatekeeper” option to lock out unauthorized applications but they also recognize that people need to be able to install whatever application they want. Desktops are not tablets or smartphones and no matter how things look on the interface side, that kind of “walled garden” approach won’t fly.

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Office 2013 Is Pretty

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microsoftWhat else can you do to a word processor? Make it prettier? That’s pretty much what I’m seeing in Office 2013 — it’s a prettier Office with a handful of new convenience features like automatic bookmarking.

Like with Office 2010, I’d get a copy of this if I could get it for $30 or less. And if since my brother is still in school, that looks very likely.

I should try installing the preview version of Office 2013 but I haven’t gotten around to installing the Release Preview of Windows 8 yet. So until I get around to doing that, I guess I’ll continue previewing from afar.


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windows-logoBoth Microsoft and Apple made announcements pertaining to their latest operating systems launches.

Microsoft announced that Windows 8 will be released to manufacturing during the first week of August and it will be available to the masses sometime in October. I can’t say I’m looking forward to Windows 8 Pro with much enthusiasm but for $39.99 I’m going to take the plunge.

apple-logo.pngComing much sooner, cheaper and with much more enthusiasm is Apple’s Mac OS X “Mountain Lion”. The Golden Master version of the OS was released to developers yesterday and will be made available to the masses some time this month for just $19.99. And that’s just $19.99 for ALL the Macs in my home.

Tough to beat that.

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