Microsoft Tears Down Multiplayer Walls

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Microsoft is tearing down the Xbox Live! wall and allowing other networks — including PC and other game consoles — to play with their player base.

I cannot imagine this being an initiative if the Xbox One was in a dominant position. Nevertheless, the end result is that games like Rocket League will have access to larger pools of players. This technically isn’t the first time that we’ve seen cross-network multiplayer but it is the first time we’re seeing it outside of an MMORPG.

Unfortunately without a game specific account, it’s not going to be possible for players of Rocket League on the PlayStation 4 to pair with players on Xbox One. In Rocket League’s case, this will enable an Xbox One party to go up against a PlayStation 4 party.

Baby steps.

With this initiative in place, I can see a game like Battlefield 5 with EA’s Origin ID allowing cross platform parties. I can see a future where Ubisoft leverages their uPlay ID to allow the agents on different networks to pair up as well. We’ll see how this will all shake up in the not so distant future.

FYI: Xbox One for $399, Watch_Dogs Resolutions & more

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  • Xbox One console w/o Kinect for $399 debuts June 9th (via Press Release)
  • Games with Gold & Deals with Gold promotions coming to Xbox One in June (via Press Release)
  • Apps (like YouTube, Netflix, Internet Explorer etc) will no longer require Xbox Live! Gold subscription in June (via Press Release)
  • Watch_Dogs will run 900p30 on PlayStation 4 and 792p30 on Xbox One (via Ubisoft Blog)

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Xbox One Unboxed, Clarified & More

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As launch day draws near, more details come into focus including what’s in the box. Microsoft’s Major Nelson have stepped up and put up the world’s first Xbox One unboxing video.

It’s good to know that they’ve included a 4K suitable HDMI cable and a gaming headset. Microsoft’s initial plans asked players to rely on the Kinect sensor’s microphone for their chatting needs. If you weren’t content with that, there was a standalone headset that you could buy.

Other details concerning the Xbox One’s Game DVR and TV Guide have surfaced as well. The Game DVR will record at 720p30 aka modern day YouTube friendly resolution and framerate. And unfortunately both the will be locked behind Xbox Live! Gold which could not be more idiotic. Sharing game footage is free advertising, Microsoft.

Sony confirmed that their video sharing functionality will not be behind PlayStation Plus. Their capture specifications were not confirmed yet but Sony did upload a 1080p30 video of Killzone: Shadow Fall during their initial reveal.


E3 2013 Day 0 Impressions

e3-logoDay one of E3 2013 is done. Time for some impressions, some cheers and some jeers. I’ll collect some trailers and other media tomorrow but for now it’s just text!

Microsoft’s Press Conference

Microsoft promised games and delivered on that promise. They started with Metal Gear Solid 5 and ended with an incredible in-game demonstration of TitanFall. In-between the two were a flurry of exclusives.

Microsoft confirmed a gameplay recording and streaming feature for the Xbox One along with Xbox Live! Gold features such as Gold membership sharing on one console and a PS Plus-esque free game offer. All of these features sound great, if I were to pay for Xbox Live! Gold. I refuse to pay for online multiplayer.

As expected, the Xbox One will debut this November for $499.99. I’m surprised there wasn’t a different lower priced SKU or a subsidized offering but there’s still lots of time to announce the latter.

If we’re strictly looking at the games being offered, I am in for an Xbox One. Three exclusives including Forza MotorSport 5, TitanFall (PC as well but I rather play with controller) and the next Halo game in 2014 are enough to push me towards an early purchase.

I mentioned the highlights but there were many announced Xbox One titles that just didn’t show well. However, when I consider it was a 90 minute presentation, it was decently paced. In the end, I was able to grab a trio or so of games that I would purchase an Xbox One for.

Overall Grade: B

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