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Checkpoint: Death of A Router Edition

My DLink DGL-4300 died yesterday. The warranty expired approximately 3 months ago as well. Bummer. I didn’t buy the router for its advertised “game experience” improving claims. I bought it because it was the cheapest 4 port Gigabit router I could buy. It’s so awesome that I bought a replacement from CanadaComputers for $95. My original one cost me $115 or so. Gigabit is so worth it.

Good news, I found some speaker wall mounts for $28.15 (shipping included). They were made by Atlantic-Inc and initial tests with it are very positive. Thanks to its flexibility and a little improvising, I managed to get the thing secured. Next step is to actually put them up on walls.

Next, we’re hoping to implement a few minor revisions to the site. A lot of which would make my life a lot easier. I’m also hoping to have a new and improved image gallery installed for us. The current one is quite archaic.

As for gaming? This week has been Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance with a touch of PixelJunk Monsters Encore on the side. Both of which are awesome, but only one inspired me to write up something I’m calling: “Let’s talk Metal Gear Solid. Or how I’m trying to explain Metal Gear Solid to friends.” It’s not going to be a breakdown of the story; there’s plenty of those out there. It’s my attempt to convey the reasons why I enjoy the series so much. Hopefully, many others will be able to use it as a starting point when they’re trying to explain this series’ draw.

If you’re bored, I urge you all to read 1UP’s “I Win! What Competition Says About Us” feature — especially Jeff Green’s and Jennifer Tsao’s entries. It’s an interesting topic. One that I haven’t spent time pondering about before.

I personally hated losing, but not because I hated the fact that I was terrible at something, but because of the showboating. Losing is one thing, but humliations via tea bagging was frown worthy. Nowadays, I don’t care. You win? Congrats. You’re teabagging? I’m laughing. Winning is nice, but it won’t ruin my day if I lost. It’ll drive me to improve my skills, but it won’t turn me into a grumpy asian.

Personal records urk me even more. Well, for some games. For me, kill-death records and win-loss records for certain games like Call of Duty 4 matter a lot more than they should. The stats keep me playing since I want to improve, but they also sap a bit of the fun when I find out that my kill-death ratio fell by 0.1. Eventually, I stop caring altogether and I just play for fun, but that could take months sometimes.

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