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Checkpoint: Too Human & 1942 Edition

Below are some of my informal impressions of the Too Human demo and 1942: Joint Strike demos.

Too Human Demo

  • Didn’t enjoy the combat.
    • Didn’t enjoy pointing the right stick towards the enemies I want to die.
    • Tried the “Advanced Combat” — didn’t grab me.
  • Ran smoothly
  • Animation wasn’t as bad as people said.
  • Female character models are very poor.
  • Voice overs were passable at best.
  • I stopped playing the demo after 50 minutes.

1942: Joint Strike Demo




I wished the retained the vibrancy of the original. That’s my number one complaint against this game. While the HD visuals are great, they lack the clarity. Gameplay wise? It was fine, I guess. It felt like a 1942 game.

I have the Tales of Vesperia demo to try, but I’ll try that later.

In the meantime, I’ll be going through Persona 3: FES. I’m liking it despite my skepticism about it being some fusion of a dating sim and JRPG. Gonna be playing SoulCalibur for Dreamcast as well and hopefully, I’ll be transitioning from that to SoulCalibur IV later next week. 

That’s about it from me. Have a good one, folks.

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