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Checkpoint: I’m Feeling Better Edition

Took the day off and went to see the Doctor and was prescribed some “Apo-Omerprazole” which will hopefully ease my stomach woes. Anyways, it’s been happening for six days, and I thought it was about time to address it. Am I feeling better right now? A little bit.

Now, let’s talk games! Games Convention was this week and there was a lot of Sony related news. Most of which was “nice to have” type of news, but nothing mind blowing. There will be a Killzone 2 media post coming up to flex one of our site’s newest features: flash videos. We’ve got plenty of bandwidth and thought it was a good idea to use it for some videos.

As you may have noticed, the site was updated with minor tweaks like a sidebar login and for the other editors, we even have behind the scenes changes such as a download manager.

I also released the U.S. NPD Sales Watch thing. It’s not very exciting or controversial, but it’s nice to have.

That’s about it for now. I’ll be spending time re-installing my sound system since I brought my receiver in due to some issues I was having. I’m also hoping to complete Persona 3 within the next week. That game is a huge time sink. I’m like 38 hours in and only 40% through it.

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