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Checkpoint: Podcasts of Interest Edition

So with the death of GFW Radio podcast due to Jeff Green’s and Shawn Elliott’s exit of 1UP, my Wednesdays/Thursdays are now at a loss. There’s a podcast void which will be very difficult to fill. Not just because GFW Radio was such a quality podcast, but because I had a pretty strict podcast schedule.

Mondays start off with Player One Podcast which I can’t say I’m completely enamored with. Tuesday’s are reserved for 1UP FM which features the younger 1UP.com crowd. Wednesday’s are brightened by the Giant Bombcast which features former Gamespot editors, Jeff Gerstmann, Brad and more. I’m quite pleased with it. This podcast risen from the ashes of EGM Live! and surpassed its predecessor by a great margin.

Normally, GFW Radio would occupy either Wednesday or Thursday. It’s supposed to be a PC gaming podcast, but it was more like an opportunity to listen to a mish mash of brilliance and idiocy. Now, I just hope Retronauts and its retro gaming goodness becomes a weekly affair.

Finally, Fridays are topped off with 1UP Yours. My podcast of choice. It has a bit of incite, a bit of preview talk, a bit of weekly news recap and a ton of fun. It’s a great way to start off the weekend.

I just put up my Persona 3: FES review today. I’m quite happy with the review. It’s lengthy, but not completey filled with fine details and features. I’m trying hard to stray away from that style of reviews.

I’m not done with Persona 3, though. I’m still going through “The Answer” epilogue. Hey, it’s more of the same and I don’t mind that at all.

For the weekend, I’m going to be tinkering with our commenting system. I want to open it up, but I want to keep away the spam. I also want to include my Twitter feed onto the site somehow.

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