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Checkpoint: LBP Beta Edition

LittleBigPlanet fever is in the air. Lots of people are yammering on about it including me. This Checkpoint will be quite short. I’m distracted by this week’s 1UP Yours podcast.

One of the reasons why this wasn’t posted on Friday was thanks to Iron Man on Blu-ray. It’s the best Marvel super hero movie I’ve ever seen. All that technology had me giddy with joy. Don’t tell me that you all didn’t want to have JARVIS in your home. So awesome.

After I finish up with this episode of 1UP Yours, I think I’ll be spending more time with LBP. There will be some WipEout HD love and Persona 3: FES. Yes, still playing The Answer half of P3. 120 hours so far. Talk about $30 well spent.

That’s it for now.

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