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Checkpoint: Disliking Fallout 3 Edition

Before I get into why I don’t like Fallout 3 very much, let me direct your hate towards my RE5 demo impressions. It’s not that I was completely dissatisfied by it. It was more like I was expecting too much. With Fallout 3, my expectations were mixed. I did not enjoy Oblivion, but I attributed my dislike of that game to its high fantasy and horrid character models. Well, it looks like I just dislike how Bethesda Studios makes action RPGs.

Don’t worry, this isn’t a “review” since I haven’t given up on the game yet. Think of this a preview of sorts. So what sort of beef do I have towards Fallout 3?

  • Poor combat
    • Enemies beeline their way towards you with no regard for their own well being.
    • Headshots matter, but there’s almost no need to aim for any other body part.
  • Long moments of nothing
    • Walking towards new areas with just a barren wasteland and one or two enemies does not equate to fun. Thanks goodness for fast travelling.
  • Poor animation and overal human element
    • These don’t seem like people that I’m talking to. More like talking heads. In fact, I think it would be better if they were just talking heads. Even Persona 3: FES, a PlayStation 2 game, was more emotive.

That’s all I’m going to get into for now. If I was writing this on Friday night, I would have put down “dull quests”, but since I’ve discovered some genuinely interesting quest lines after so many hours of nothing, I’m holding that one back.

I’ll be putting more hours into this game, but I am wondering why people are gushing over this trash collector of an RPG. On the bright side, the game runs fantastic on the Xbox 360 after the hard drive install.

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