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Checkpoint: No Weekend Edition


With other work stripping away 15+ hours of my weekend, I still managed to squeeze in some impressive moments of gaming. Puzzle Bobble 2, classic Street Fighters, Skate 2 demo, GTI Club+ demo and even some LittleBigPlanet.

EA’s Skate was brilliant. At least judging by the demo. I couldn’t muster up the funds or desire for a full fledged purchase, but I did invest a great deal of time with its trial piece. What can I say about Skate 2 though? Well, I can tell you that I wasn’t fond of the game’s lack of rock solid framerate. (I hear it’s not exclusive to the PS3 version either) Regardless of technical hiccups, It’s safe to say that it’s still a good time. I still can’t convince myself to put down the cash for this game, but I still enjoy what EA the recently dissolved EA Black Box studio put together.

As for the GTI Club+ demo on PSN? It seems like it was a title made for the nostalgia types. I honestly had no idea what to expect and after a couple of races, I still don’t get it. Is it more than just an arcade racer full of Volkswagen Golf GTI’s made by Konami? Perhaps someone can fill me in on what the hell this game is and was.

Yes, I spent some time with Puzzle Bobble 2, Super Street Fighter II: Turbo and a whatever tickled my fancy. I was playing through my collection classic emulated titles from the Neo Geo, CPS1 and CPS2 era. Classic fun. I wonder why Square Enix/Taito haven’t thrown an XBLA or PSN version out there yet. I’d buy it.

And yes, some time was spent with LittleBigPlanet and it’s still eye opening. I tried a “journey through the human body” level and another which involved sea creatures and an impressive boss battle against a very angry shark. The amount of polish amazes me. I have yet to go back and create a new level because I just haven’t found the desire to. Laziness? Perhaps. I have other games to play and with the February’s line up coming, I doubt I’ll have any time to create something.

I’m currently working on my Dead Space review. It was an excellent game and I strongly suggest people go out and buy a copy. Show EA they’re doing things right. Anyways, it looks like my next game will be Persona 4. The very same Persona 4 which GAF’s talented artists have created ads for.

Well that’s it for now. Happy New Year, fellow asians.

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    GTI club is shit. Skate 2 is awesome but I agree, its more of a blockbuster rental than a purchase, and LBP is not getting enough love from you…play it more you douche

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