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Checkpoint: Street Fighter IV Hyping Edition


Street Fighter IV’s official launch day is two days away! Many folks out there have already gotten their hands on the game and have plenty shelled out plenty of info for the rest of us unfortunate bastards. So without further delay here’s all the worthwhile Street Fighter IV related content I could cobble together.


Original Soundtrack via YouTube

YouTube user, ChicoAzteca, was kind enough to put up the game’s soundtrack. Here’s a sample of a classic theme and something new:

Ryu SFIV Theme

C. Viper SFIV Theme

Consider Custom Soundtracks — Even for PS3

If you want, you could always throw in your own custom soundtrack. Even for the PlayStation 3 version! The function was included in the PS3’s firmware for sometime now, but this is the first major retail title to include it.

Challenge Mode Videos

Here’s an excellent way to see what your favorite character can do in Street Fighter IV. These challenge mode videos uploaded by Youtube user kalelulen4 showcases nearly every character on the roster and their respective challenge mode completions. Some of the combos displayed here is simply mind blowing. Poor Dan.

Chun Li’s Challenge Mode

Ken’s Challenge Mode

Be sure to check out the HD version of the videos. Some may not run as smoothly, but fear not it’s the fault of YouTube and not your computer or Street Fighter IV.

Written SuperGuide from MyCheats

This guide could be considered super only because it was written by knowledgeable men. Haunts knows his stuff; so don’t take his words of wisdom lightly.

Pondering Alternative Costumes

Since news of the Collector’s Edition costume pack being the “Brawler Pack”, I haven’t given much thought to the prospect of purchasing alternative costumes. However, for those of you who’re interested, you can check out 50 screenshots of the downloadable attire.

Learn How To Unlock Characters Quickly

With the help of the SuperGuide and the video below, you will unlock all the hidden characters in no time.

[gamevideo 23678]

Learn the Basics

Last, but not least you can learn the basics of the Street Fighter IV fighting system.

I’m 35+ hours into Persona 4. Still enjoying my time in the fictional town of Inaba. I downloaded Flower and it’s truly a gem of a game.

I’ve heard rumors of EB Games hiking up the Tournament Edition arcade stick to $215. If that’s the case, I will not be purchasing it. I will continue to build my Tournament Edition fund by trading in old games which fail to garner interest from me. Right now, I have Halo 3 and Resistance 2 on the list for $25 and $37 respectively.

Halo 3 is going because I don’t have any desire to get Xbox Live! and no desire to replay the single player campaign again. Resistance 2 is leaving me because Insomniac’s first person shooter is in dire need of a patch to fix up the multitude of minor issues (ie: basic team balancing, broken A.I. routines in co-op) . There could be a patch coming to fix the issues, but with Killzone 2 at the end of this month, I don’t see any reason to keep this. TIV of $37 CAD is too tempting when I purchased the game for just $50.84 CAD. I see it as a $13 rental fee.

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    Ray when do you plan on turning the games in? Wanna go to Rideau sometime this week w/ me? I’d probably return both R2 and Halo 3 as well… Amongst others…

    Let me know

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      This week. Tuesday? Because tomorrow is Family Day.

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