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Checkpoint: Sweet Zombie Jesus Edition


What does Resident Evil 5 and Easter have in common? Both are supposed to be about resurrecting the dead, yet these days it’s more about commercialization and catering to what will sell’.

I normally don’t celebrate Easter, so I can’t give much insight into that. I do enjoy the Resident Evil games. The fifth installment has been a disappointment thus far and as always, you should wait for my review for reasons why. For now, I’ll endulge you with statements like: “RE5 is the disappointment of year thus far” and “You have to try quite hard to make a game this unfulfilling”.

Needless to say I don’t believe the Versus mode DLC for Resident Evil 5 is worth the $4.99 price tag.

Aside from Resident Evil 5 and Killzone 2 multiplayer, I’ve been playing a lot of Peggle Dual Shot for the Nintendo DS. It’s Peggle and it’s for the Nintendo DS. What more can you ask for? I’ve also returned to Pixeljunk Eden and Wipeout HD; both are still entertaining.

I’ve also worked on revision 0.2 of the Exclusives Watch 2009 as well. It’ll be posted tomorrow.

Other than that, it’s been a quiet four day weekend. For some odd reason, I did not have the urge to bust open that second bag of Cadbury Mini Eggs. Go figure.

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