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Checkpoint: Battery Powered Edition


This was written during the 27+ hour power outage.

As if a tornado-like wind knocked out the power in my neighborhood. We’re talking residential Ottawa here. Winds like this have no business being here. So what the hell does a gamer do in electricity lacking scenario? Well, first I go out and take a handful of photos of the roof that was torn off and then get reacquainted with some portable fun.

The Nintendo DS and one of my PlayStation Portables were anchored into power outlets before we were removed from the grid. Since 6 PM Saturday night the Nintendo DS was the clear cut winner in the use department.

More time was invested into Rhythm Heaven and I finally started Henry Hatsworth’s Puzzling Adventure. Electronic Arts made this puzzling platformer? Most impressive. Rhythm Heaven is good musical fun and is ideal for turn based fun. That Nintendo really knows how to make fun bite sized games.

How about that PSP? Lumines II was enjoyed, however it’s just a reminder of how superior the original was in the music department. Other than a single session of Lumines II, it was a mixture of some Virtua Tennis 3 and Space Invaders Extreme.

That’s it. That’s all. I’m conserving this Mini 9’s battery.

“Peck your beak.”

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