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Marvel vs Capcom 2 PSN Demo Impressions

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An impressions post of a demo of a rerelease of a game which came out 9 years ago. This is what this is. Marvel vs Capcom 2 wasn’t my favorite game from Capcom’s much loved Versus series of games — that honor belongs to Capcom vs SNK 2. MvC2 was one of those games which I played in between CvS2 binges and thus I never invested heavily into it. But I did enjoy it. So when Capcom finally announced its digitally distributed rerelease, I was excited about the prospect of revisiting the past and perhaps even commit some more time into it.

And thanks to an early PSN exclusive demo, I got a chance to try it out.

Truth be told, I could revisit MvC2 anytime I wanted through the original Dreamcast version. Unfortunately, I don’t have an arcade stick for the console and I’m far too lazy to hook it all up. The PSN demo curbed all those issues.

Even back in 2000, MvC2 felt like a quantity over quality kind of game. Lots of characters, lots of combos and lots of flash. The limited frames of animation in the characters was noticeable then and is startling apparent now.

The filters Backbone Entertainment developed for the game helped ease the transition onto the HDTV. I found “Smooth” to be the nicest. However, no matter what filter was used, these aged sprites clashed terribly against the backdrops.

Taking it all into consideration, I’m left indecisive. Through the local two player only demo, my brother and I relived our MvC2 days. For better and worse, it plays just like we remembered. On one hand, for $14.99 we can continue reliving those moments conveniently through the digitally distributed rerelease. On the other, we could save that money and keep those good nostalgic thoughts intact.

Decisions. Decisions. But I’ll have many weeks to think it over.

Marvel vs Capcom 2 will be rereleased on the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live! Arcade in Summer 2009. For more information, visit the official website.

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