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Checkpoint: Application Selection Edition


Media players, image viewers web browsers and other applications on my computer are subjected to review every so often. Given the growing nature of technology, yesterday’s greats can easily be overshadowed by their competition. I’ve been pondering over some of my applications for the past few weeks and here are my current applications of choice.

Web Browser

Internet Explorer 8, Chrome and Opera are constantly vying for my attention, but after some thought, my web browser of choice is Google’s Chrome — on my netbook. The lack of mouse gestures for both it and IE8 keep it from being my browser of choice for my desktop where Opera currently reigns supreme. As soon as Google rolls out Extensions support, Chrome becomes de facto standard across all machines.

It’s a fast browser with high compatibility. It’s a clean looking browser. And that’s what I want these days. FireFox? I’ve tried it a few times, but it fails to grab me.

Media Player

For video, Windows Media Player 11 and Media Player Classic Home Cinema (via the K-Lite Codec Pack Corporate) are the two video players of choice with the latter being the clear cut winner. WMP11 loses to MPC when it comes to performance, simplicity and compatibility with a variety of codecs. I hear WMP12 will support DivX/XviD, H.264 and even Apple Quicktime’s .mov format natively. Hopefully they’ll up the performance of it as well.

For audio, Winamp, WMP11 and iTunes 8 are the choices. iTunes is in the mix because of the iPod Nano. WMP11 is in the mix because it’s there. Winamp is in the mix because it’s the fastest. After all this time Winamp is still the fastest in one key area: song navigation over the network. iTunes 8 comes second, but I just don’t like how sluggish the player is. As soon as its as snappy and considerate as Winamp, I’ll switch over.

More To Come

And that’s it for now. There are other applications which I’m currently testing such as the avast! antivirus software and ImgBurn as my burning software of choice. It’s an interesting and liberating process; weeding out the crap and welcoming the best.

Left4Dead was purchased by Robocrotch, my brother and myself. I’m hoping we’ll be able to enjoy some zombie ass kicking soon. I’m on disc three of Lost Odyssey and have begun jotting down some impressions. Henry Hatsworth’s charm is beginning to wear off; it’s beginning to feel very similar across the different worlds. I’m slowly enjoying Rhythm Heaven.

Grinding out successes in Rhythm Heaven is such an odd notion.

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