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Checkpoint: Restored From Backup Edition


Something happened to QSF5.com on Friday. It wasn’t the usual server outage. Something happened over at the Bluehost servers which required restoration from backup. While a majority of the site was restored, it didn’t come away unscathed. A handful of pictures and modifications which were made on Thursday did not make it over to the resurrected website.

That had me thinking about backup and restore situations for my own things.

My computers are moreorless covered by my HPMediaVault. It’s a 500 GB RAID 1 setup which stores things which I wish to share between other computers and things I want to “save”. I’m quite aware of the fact that it is not a backup solution. If my entire HPMediaVault fries, it’s going to be a hassle to retrieve the data.

I can lose most of the saved data on my PlayStation 3 without a fuss. Sony’s console has a backup utility, but it’s not as flexible as I would have liked. You can’t target all the saved files on the system for backup; it’s either backup the entire machine or backup each save file individually. It’s quite the hassle which is why I rarely do it.

If I really wanted to I could use my 60 GB 2.5 inch external hard drive to save my critical data from both the PC and the console. I could even make DVD copies as well. I don’t go that far because I live by the fact that I don’t have anything that I cannot live without. In the end, that’s the best solution.

I could have moved on if QSF5.com had fallen and couldn’t get back up. I would have moved to a new host and started anew. The only thing I would regret would be the inability to look back and see how I viewed things before. I guess that’s why people do backups in the first place.

Wrapped up the second Phoenix Wright game. That last chapter did a fantastic job of making up for what otherwise have been an complete failure of sequel.

I’ve also started Devil Summoner 2 which is an investigative game in itself. It reminds me of Crisis Core meeting Pokemon. I still haven’t dug in deep enough to form a real opinion of it yet.

When I’m not investigating, I’m playing Call of Duty 4’s multiplayer. My brother and I have decided to combine our efforts and level up a character to the maximum level of prestige. Or at least try to. Hopefully we achieve our goal before Modern Warfare 2 gets here.

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