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Checkpoint: End of Summer Vacations Edition


This year I took three week’s of vacation throughout the summer season. This past week’s was my last and unlike the other two week’s worth of vacation, I did absolutely nothing. I usually have some small project or task to accomplish before the end of each vacation, but this time it was simple R&R.

There was a bit of routine gaming which ended with the completion of my Ace Attorney saga. It was an excellent few months of investigating, defending and objecting. I’ll be writing up a “review” of the four games later this week, but suffice to say it’s worth a try if you’re a fan of point and click adventures.

With the end of summer comes the U.S Open which I’ve been catching on a regular basis. It’s been quite the tournament with controversial outbursts, over hyping of genuine talent and surprising upsets. I hope the final match will live up to expectations.

That’s it for now. Next week, it’s back to the grind…

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