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Checkpoint: Activision vs PC Gamers Edition


Perhaps it should be Activision & Infinity Ward vs PC gamers? I’m not sure, all I know is that PC gamers are not happy with the recent turn of events involving Modern Warfare 2.

PC version of games have a few key advantages over their counterparts including:

  • Lower MSRP
  • Improved visuals
  • Dedicated servers
  • Mouse and keyboard controls
  • Mods

Activision and Infinity Ward have effectively crossed out many of these advantages over the recent months. The new list looks like this:

  • Lower MSRP – Now $59.99 USD
  • Improved visuals
  • Dedicated servers – No more dedicated servers thanks to matchmaking via “IW.NET”
  • Mouse and keyboard controls
  • Mods – Mod situation is up in the air, but no player run servers doesn’t help the cause

A price hike is one thing, but removing key PC centric features is a slap across the face. Why couldn’t they’ve allowed unranked games with dedicated servers and leave ranked games via matchmaking? It doesn’t make much sense until you factor in downloadable content.

By removing any serving capabilities from the gamer, it will be rather difficult to utilize mods and player maps without Infinity Ward’s authorization. However, with the game less than a month away and still no official word on whether or not mods will be supported, it’s hard to fathom the notion that they will. With this closed system, Activision and Infinity Ward can sell downloadable content — just as if it was the console version.

Is that their ultimate goal? To make even more money? Sure, but it’s not entirely selfish. There are a few key benefits including ‘Prestige support’ and anti-cheat prevention. None of these compare to dedicated server support, but at least it’s something, right? Pfft.

If I was primarily a PC gamer, I’d be upset over the recent atrocities against PC gaming  as well. PC gaming is all about options and to limit players like this is just poor judgement. As for me? I’m picking up the PlayStation 3 version where my cries for dedicated servers will fall on deaf ears.

P.S – DICE supports dedicated servers, but for what game? Just give us some Battlefield 3 tidbits so we can all forget about this MW2 nonsense.

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