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Q3 2009 Update to Exclusive Watch 2009

exclusives-watch-2009-logoI’ve updated Exclusive Watch 2009 with Q3 2009 releases.

This may very well be the last year I do this feature. I’ve outgrown it from both a content and technological perspective. I initially created this feature out genuine interest for the number of exclusives each the major console platforms had and it quickly became a project of learning as well. The latter was what kept me going with it.

I learned much about Microsoft Excel and its use of formulas and macros. I’ve also learned a lot about tables, data and ways to present them via the web and WordPress. Best of all, all these skills translated into my personal career which was a surprising turn of events. I’m sure I can learn new ways to manipulate and present this data, but it would be incremental improvements. Having just finished the 0.6 revision of this feature, I can safely say that I have this down to an efficient routine and there’s not much intellectual stimulation anymore.

Content wise, it’s a safe bet to say that if it’s a third party release, it will end up on the other platforms in due time. There are obvious exceptions to the rule, but it’s a safe bet considering development costs nowadays.

So if you wish to see this continue, leave a comment. Otherwise, this will be the last time you’ll see this feature.

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