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Which Games Are Pushing Console Limits?


I was reminded of the Xbox 360’s four year anniversary the other day and that got me thinking.

“What are the Xbox 360’s graphical showcases?”

I can list the PlayStation 3 and Wii efforts as they’re clearly a step above the competition on the platform or otherwise, but not with the Xbox 360; it’s tougher. There is Gears of War and its sequel, but that’s Unreal Engine 3.0 and I’ve seen good looking Unreal Engine 3.0 games on the PS3 before. Where are the true Microsoft exclusives which are putting that Xenos GPU to work?

I don’t think there is one. (Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong) It’s a bit of a surprise considering how powerful the Xenos GPU is. Instead, I see Microsoft is pushing their console’s limits in other ways.  Specifically, with community and networking.

Halo 3 is still unrivaled in the field for community features. Recorded videos, online stats, flexible co-op and party options — the list goes on and on. Then there is 1 vs 100 on Xbox Live! which is an online game show with a live host.

So am I right or am I wrong?

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